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How to give full play to the best performance of the axial fan and extend the long service life is not only due to the physical quality of the axial fan's manufacturing process, manufacturing materials, etc., but also depends on the correct use and subsequent maintenance. The following small series summarize some Through maintenance, the axial fan can extend the service life of the axial fan and the maintenance method for your reference.

First, keep the axial fan clean and tidy, and frequently clean the dirt and dust on the surface of the fan blade, casing surface, casing surface, and motor surface of the axial fan to reduce the corrosion of the components of the axial fan load and dust dirt, Extend the aging time of parts.

Second, maintain the conditions for correct use: timely remove obstacles within 2 meters of the inlet and exhaust of the axial fan. If there is a ventilation duct connected, it should be cleared and dredged in a timely manner to keep the ventilation duct unblocked and reduce axial flow The exhaust resistance of the fan to prevent the axial fan current and current load from overloading and burning.

Third, timely replenish and replace bearing lubricants: often open the bearing cover to check the condition of bearing lubricants, if you find that the lubricant is low, you must add it in time. If the lubricant is dirty, there are impurities in it, you need to replace it in time to prevent the bearing from being stuck. Or burn the motor.

Fourth, check the detection circuit to ensure that the power of the axial fan is normal: the operation of the axial fan can only be operated under the complete normal conditions of the circuit and the fan itself. It is necessary to ensure that the power supply facility has sufficient capacity and stable voltage. The line must be a dedicated line, and it should not be powered by a temporary line for a long time. Pay attention to check the fan switch and line aging.

Fifth, often perform anti-corrosion and anti-rust maintenance on the axial fan: the axial fan will inevitably be corroded and rusted during use. If the fan blade of the axial fan, the motor casing, the motor support of the fan, and the fan cylinder are found When the exposed parts are rusted and corroded, they should be painted with anti-corrosion paint and other anti-corrosion and anti-rust in time