Long-term Operation Of Unpowered Fans Made In China

Fan Operating Time: 3-6 Months
Rotation Angle Of Rotor : 120°-180°
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Origin: China

The unpowered fan uses the natural wind speed in nature to push the turbine of the fan to rotate, and uses the principle of indoor and outdoor air convection to accelerate and transform the air flow in any parallel direction into a bottom-up vertical air flow to improve indoor ventilation. A device of gas effect. The fan does not need electricity, no noise, and can run for a long time. According to the natural laws of the air and the principle of air flow, it is rationally arranged on the top of the roof, which can quickly exhaust indoor hot and dirty gases and improve the indoor environment.

Maintenance attention

1. Under normal conditions, if the unpowered fan runs continuously for about one month, it is necessary to inject calcium-sodium-based grease or molybdenum sulfide grease into the bearing with a butter station. The fan runs continuously for 3-6 months, and the grease should be replaced once to fill 2/3 of the bearing space.

2. Regular maintenance of unpowered fans to eliminate dust and dirt inside the fans.

3. During the startup, shutdown or operation of the unpowered fan, if abnormal conditions are found, including temperature, vibration, noise, etc., they should be repaired immediately.

4. Use the adjusting device to keep the triangle tape evenly tension ed and not too loose or too tight. The length of several triangle tapes should be the same as possible.

5. For unused standby machines or fans that have been out of service for a long time, the rotor should be rotated 120°-180° regularly to prevent the main shaft from bending. Add a valve to the inlet or outlet of the unpowered fan on the roof, close it when starting, and open the valve after operation until the required working condition is reached, and the inner ring and the shaft fit tightly.

6. In order to ensure personal safety, the maintenance of the roof unpowered fan must be carried out during shutdown.

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