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Axial fan is the most common type of fan. Its function can effectively reflect the effect of ventilation. However, the use of the fan is good or bad. It still depends on how the user performs maintenance and maintenance in use. In the entire process of the fan, it includes three important stages of debugging, operation, and maintenance. To ensure the use of the fan, we need to pay attention to some problems and matters that the fan needs to pay attention to in these three stages. The commissioning phase is the next step after the installation of the fan. The main purpose of debugging is to find problems and solve them. If some problems are not discovered in time during commissioning, the use of the fan will be affected by these problems. How can you find some problems in the installation of the fan? The following will be shared by everyone.

Check whether the fan rotates flexibly and whether the blades are stuck or rubbed. Are there any tools and impurities in the fan and adjacent pipes. If no problems are found during debugging, we can use it formally. The use of the fan will be affected by pressure, air volume, power and other aspects. How to make the fan maximize its value under limited energy is how we adjust the fan in use. Monitor the motor current. The sign of the fan load is not current. In the use of the fan, we must pay more attention to the abnormal phenomenon of the fan. Once the fan vibrates, abnormal noise or friction is more serious, it must be resolved in time, otherwise the effect of the fan will be used. Greatly discounted.

Many users stop the machine directly. In fact, after the fan is used, the fan needs to be maintained and maintained at a later stage, so that the fan can maintain better results in the next use. After each use, it must be lubricated. The system conducts inspections. Once the phenomenon of lack of oil and oil is found, it should be replenished in time. Otherwise, the use of the fan will increase wear due to the lack of oil, which will cause great damage to the parts of the fan.